My First Airbnb Experience in Bangkok Thailand


As a traveler, I believe that the accommodation is part of the adventure. I have tried staying in a dormitory in Davao, pension house in Iloilo and Bacolod, and an eco-friendly boutique hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia. For my trip to Bangkok, we decided... more

Belly Bob's Boneless Lechon Belly de Cebu


Eating alone is something I have perfected since college. Given the tight schedule back then, I often had to eat breakfast or lunch by my lonesome. It was difficult at first but I got used to it through time. Now, eating alone in malls is something I... more

How To Be The Best Sister


Whether we like our family members or not, we can't change the fact we are part of the same blood line. We never had the privilege to choose our family members. We are born, raised and stuck with it. God planted us where He intends us to bloom.I have... more

3 Delicious and Fun Halloween Treats Under $1


Halloween’s just around the corner. If you’re thinking what to make for your kids and their friends for their trick or treats, here are delicious and fun halloween treats under $1. 1. Transylvanian Truffles - 25¢ per serving Ingredients... more

Krispy Kreme's Limited Halloween Donuts


Krispy Kreme presents you a new line of spooky donuts for this Halloween season. I don't participate in any Halloween activities anymore (not because of any religion, just a choice) but I just want to share with you the latest offerings of Krisp... more

This hefty serving of Oriental Salad is from Bon Chon. It was a...


This hefty serving of Oriental Salad is from Bon Chon. It was a tug of war between this and Caesar Salad but since this seems to have fewer calories, I opted to purchase it for dinner. The bed of fresh, crisp Romaines is topped with chicken strips an... more

Pizza Hut - Flavors of the World


The world is getting smaller and smaller because of the internet. Give google a few minutes to load, and you're immediately transported to Europe by just reading through articles and browsing though all the photos. We're in the age of knowing more th... more

Night Out at Descanzo Bar & Resto


I've been working in Ortigas for years, and though I have been here for quite a long time, I still haven't been to a lot of hang-out places around this area.  I was glad to chill out last weekend in one of the newest bar and resto in this busines... more

Slammin' Mini Burgers in Greenhills


The idea of a burger meal for lunch has a lot to do with reducing poise, being extra sloppy with each bite, having greasy hands with relaxed pig-faced look. I'm clueless on how you eat your burgers. My take on burgers has a lot to do with the word "s... more

Kopi Roti: Our Favorite Kopi Buns and More


Way back in high school, my classmates and I would sneakily eat behind the teacher's back just for fun.  We Tsinoys call that "Taw Cha".  We would take turns bringing snacks and share it with the group.  One day, my classmate brought K... more

Cosina de’ Marina Lunch and Dinner Buffet: A Review


     Hey guys, welcome back to The Pinoy Wanderer. I’m here to review another restaurant in Legazpi City that offers a fulfilling buffet experience. This next destination in my series of reviews is a cool addition to the list I... more

pollo asado and my forever love chipotle pulled pork street...


pollo asado and my forever love chipotle pulled pork street tacos ❤❤❤ #chescalovestacos (at Mexicali, SM Megamall)... more

Night Noodle Markets and Art & About 2014


Night Noodle MarketsJust when I thought we'd skip this year's Night Noodle Markets, the Hubby suddenly surprised me on Friday afternoon by meeting up with me in the city after work. The plan was I'd do a bit of errands in the city and we'd just meet... more

TFS on Chinoy TV - Ramen Houses in Quezon City


Last time, I took you to a Chinese food trip around Banawe Quezon City for Chinoy TV's pilot episode. This time, we jump off from China and head over to Japan as I take you to 3 ramen spots in Quezon City for another segment under Chinoy Charts. ... more

Something wrong that’s going to get right! #finally...


Something wrong that’s going to get right! #finally #letsdothis #wrongramen #sobadsogood #ramen #foodtrip #foodie #ilovefood #sowrong #soright #tonkotsu #slurp #timetoeat #helloweekend #lazysaturdays #missadventuretraveler #blog... more

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